Mastering Installable Triggers in Google Apps Script: Examples for Streamlined Automation

Installable triggers in Google Apps Script allow you to create custom event triggers that are not tied to a specific user or document.

Here are two examples for each type of installable trigger, along with the corresponding code snippets:

OnEdit Trigger:

Example 1: Send email notification when a specific cell is edited.

Example 2: Logging the timestamp and user when any cell is edited.

OnFormSubmit Trigger:

Example 1: Generate a PDF receipt when a form is submitted.

Generate a PDF receipt when a form is submitted. Click here for a full dedicated tutorial on how to generated PDF receipts when a Google Form is submitted.

Example 2: Update a spreadsheet with the submitted form data.

These examples demonstrate different use cases for each type of installable trigger in Google Apps Script. Remember to adjust the code to match your specific requirements and customize the trigger logic as needed.

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