Things gone Unnoticed

Back when I was in my last year of graduation, this cute little incident happened. It was cute for me and now its up to you, as someone who decided to spend a few minutes to read this, to decide if this is cute actually or not.
Just less than a year was left for me to finish my graduation and hold the degree of an engineer among another lakh students from Andhra Pradesh.   I wanted to talk to her but there was a villain in this story who didn’t let me do what I wanted to do.

I was coming back to college after a quick vacation at home in a train and just as any other student I didn’t have a reserved ticket. I didn’t want to get into the general compartment and get screwed by men and women together. I was staring at the reserved compartment and then bribed this guy in a black coat to get into it and get back without all this screwups I wasn’t prepared for. I bribed him as that makes things very easy in many contexts and I got a berth for this short 2 hour journey to Hyderabad. It was a short journey from Warangal to Hyderabad people don’t care as to how they travel back as the main motive is to get there. As I sit and look around, I see this couple come and sit in the side berths in front of each other. If I may take this to the next level, she was hot as hell. All I wanted to do was to take the next step and talk to her.

No, I didn’t want to sleep or fall asleep. No, I wasn’t drunk either. I was looking at her to see if she will look back. I was so desperate in my attempts but she was not looking back at me at all. Her eyes were mesmerizing as hell and she had black kajal over her eyes which made then even more attractive. She wasn’t looking at me but I was being pulled towards her. All I wanted to do was watch her and admire her beauty. To the girls out there, no I wasn’t staring and no I don’t want to be a sexist. That’s it and I am done. I slept like a pig now.

Just about 15 minutes to Hyderabad and I wake up astonisned that she is looking at me. Gone is my sleep and I am out on some cloud 10 or 15 whatever the number may be. She was ACTUALLY looking at me. Before I could digest this fact, the station arrived and the train was about to stop. The guy who came along with her quickly grabbed all her baggage and went on to stand at the door to get down first and achieve some medal. She was sitting alone and now since I had no other option, I wanted to make sure that she had my number so we could talk in the future. She didn’t get up and go along with that guy, but was just sitting there which for me was an indication that there was some connection. And now people start to form a queue to get down and I realized this is my last chance if I wanted to take this forward in some way.

I pushed forward an uncle and aunt in front if me and stood behind them and she was right behind me. I wanted to make some more time for myself to pass on my number to her. That’s where the aunt and uncle would come handy. Nothing came to my mind and I typed my mobile number in my own mobile and held it turned towards her, over my shoulder until I got down. No other ishaara done, I was just holding it and I got down; and to my dismay she wasn’t able to note it down anywhere as she had no pen or paper. I noticed she was upset from her eyes. I quickly ran to a bookshop on the platform and grabbed a paper and write my number on it and give it to her somehow in my dreams. Both of them were obviously now walking together and I didn’t know whether to throw it to her it give it in her hand but how. This guy beside her looks like he would hit me if I did so. The guy with her noticed me following them as I walked just behind them .

His suspicion grew and they were stopping at times and I was also stopping at looking at random things around me in order to make a point that I wasn’t following them. As we reached Alfa hotel just outside Secunderabad Railway Station I found something which hit me all of sudden. Both of them were now standing with 7-10 cops right outside the station. I was just looking at her all the time but I didn’t notice her brother much. This is when I realized she had a brother who was a COP and was talking to other cops right outside the station. The very next thing I remember was waking up the next day to go to college. Yes, I disappeared the moment I figured things out and I regret till today not talking to her or not being to tell her what I wanted to.

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