Create an Net Promoter Score (NPS) Android App without Coding | Tutorial | No-code

In this new video, I’m going to walk you through a simple process of creating an Android Application to collect feedback from your customers/users in the form of a Net Promoter Score without coding.

We will create a simple form with one question, a rating bar and a submit button to store the values to a Firebase Cloud Store with a real-time database. Firebase cloud store offers a free plan for a limited usage.

Kodular blocks for this app

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🔗 JSON Utils Extension:

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What is Net Promoter Score?

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a metric that is used to measure the loyalty of your customers towards your company. Customer’s perception is measured based on one simple question which is “How likely is it that you recommend (ORG/Product/Service) to a friend or colleague?” and customers rate the response on a scale of 0-10 with 0 being not at all likely and 10 being extremely likely. Respondents are then categorized into the following:

  • Promoters: respond with a score of 9 or 10 and are typically loyal and enthusiastic customers.
  • Passives: respond with a score of 7 or 8. They are satisfied with your service but not happy enough to be considered promoters.
  • Detractors: respond with a score of 0 to 6. These are unhappy customers who are unlikely to buy from you again, and may even discourage others from buying from you.

% Promoters – % Detractors is the NPS score.

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