Create Alexa Skills without Coding at all

ProductHunt is an amazing website I tell you. I was browsing through new products and I find an online tool to build Alexa Skills for free and without knowing anything related to Alexa Skills or Alexa Skills Kit.

I am talking about A tool which relies on Coggle’s Mind Mapping UI to create Alexa Skills. All you have to do, to start creating apps for Alexa is Sign Up on the website and use the existing templates or create one from scratch.

Building Alexa Skills with thestoryline

Once you are done with selecting your option, you can pick a language for your skill. You can also add multiple languages before submitting your skill for certification on Amazon’s developer dashboard.

How to create an Alexa Skill without coding:

Not just launching skills but also you can check the Analytics once the skill is live using the Dashboard tab.

The Story Line Dashboard


There is a cheetsheet which includes how you can use the mind maps in your skills along with a video example to help you with the same.

The Story Line Cheatsheet

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need an Echo or Echo Dot or Echo Plus to create a skill?

NO. Your browser is enough for you to test the flow of the skill.

2. Do I need to learn Alexa Skills Kit to create a skill?


3. Can I use APIs in


4. Can I parse or loop complex API responses?

You can parse complex API responses in JSON. However, currently, you cannot loop through the results. You will have to pick a response from the API uses the array index i.e.,

5. Can I use SSML syntax here?

Yes, you can. However, when you test the skill in your browser, SSML will not work. This feature hasn’t been built yet.

6. How do I get support?

The team at has an active YouTube Channel here, where they post all new updates with a tutorial to help you use the new features.

There is also a Facebook group called TheStoryLine Community, which is active and has a lot of active members who help with any questions or issues you might have including the two founders.

7. Any other resources?

This article summarises everything that you can do with the storyline:

I am just fascinated with what people can create using existing APIs. This tool has been my favorite find in the last one month and I’ve published two basic skills and two awaiting certification.

Go ahead and give this tool a try and I am sure you won’t be disappointed. This tool is one among those which will enable people who cannot code to create something meaningful on Alexa.

You can earn yourself goodies from Amazon if you launch even one skill for the Alexa platform. Click here for US promotion and Non-US developers, check out other promotions in the UKGermany, and India.

Go, give this shot an upvote on ProductHunt and no, the founders haven’t paid me to write this one.

Credits: Featured image is the cover image of the facebook group of thestoryline and all other images are from my dashboard.


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