| Sleek and Beautiful Forms for Notion | Build without Coding | No Code

Chilipepper is built to look great in Notion. Embed easily on any page — public or private. Spin up new forms with the questions you need to ask. Support for text, selects, numbers and more!

Easily add fields of all kinds. Customize the look and feel of your form while optimizing for use on Notion pages.

🔗 Checkout ChiliPepper here:

What are some forms that one can create for Notion?
– Lead forms to collect leads
– Collect user feedback about your tool/course/SaaS product/anything
– Manage Visitors
– Track and maintain bugs in your software and more.

Why Embed Forms in Notion?
– Log expenses in Notion
– Collect RSVP for your virtual webinars in Notion
– Custom website forms in Notion like contact us, schedule a visit, etc.
– Internal polls inside Notion and more.

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