Android App Review: Sperm Race by CodeFeverr

Saw a post on Facebook by the developer of Sperm Race asking people to play the game and give reviews. Here is my first user experience with this game. 
Firstly, the game didn’t up on the first 10 list for the search Sperm Race. Could be because its new in the store and will take some time. Downloaded the first app and then realized this was not the one and then had to manually match the logo to download the actual game.

Logo and the banner on the Play Store are pretty decent. The developer could’ve used a different font for the screenshots. Doesn’t match with the logo of the app at all.

First screen of the app itself has poor graphics. You will clearly notice that its not rich in terms of the quality of graphics.

As soon as you open the app, it just logs you in using your Google+ account without asking you anything. You directly get a Google+ popup asking for Game Permissions which can be much more subtle.

Game experience is decent. I would have loved a short tutorial as to how it works, how to kill other sperms and how Fungi (the bullets) to kill other sperms get reloaded.

There could be more visuals when I touch the other sperms in the apps because it just stops and some visual could make it more interesting and make the user feel bad.

There are ads on the top but they don’t bother you much or popup in between the game play to annoy. Cheers to that.

Overall, font choice inside the game and also the screenshots can be better.

Size: 5.34 MB

Rating: 2.5/5

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