in Stories

Lots of conversations happening and time for me to get down the bus. Along with me gets down couple together. The girl wore a maroon color scarf around her face which is the recent way of safety here in Hyderabad at least. The boy who got down along with her is walking very close to her on the right side right in front of me where the girl is holding a mobile supposedly a Samsung y duos in her right hand.

The guy’s left hand tries to reach out to catch the girl’s right hand but the girl walks down the footpath to come to the right side of the guy. The light green colored chunny of the girl tries to hide the story of the hands behind it but nothing can be hidden from the world or at least from me for now :wink:. Now the guy catches hold of the girls hand and in fact now he moves almost touching his whole right part of the body to her and tries to talk to her in the ears which gives me an indication that she is angry about something and he is convincing her.

The girl denies to reply or even look at him and he stops in the middle of the road. The girl keeps walking in front of me as I walk just behind her watching everything happen. The guy is now walking back and the girl doesn’t even turn to look at him unlike him, who keeps looking back to see if at all she turns back.

I wanted to see what happens and I keep walking behind her and she stops in the bus stop. Now she starts looking towards the road where the guy left her from. She keeps turning back with her eyes hidden behind the glasses, she wore searching for that guy. No he doesn’t come. While I turned back to check with my bus and turn back wallah!! She is not there. She just disappeared.

I walked down the whole bus stand but in vain. I decide to write this down and finish this sitting in a bus stop at the side of the road which takes me home. Hope it was fun. Forgive me for any mistakes.