in Stories

An imaginative situation when I am traveling in one of the same old busses on my way back home, I see a girl with her chunny covered over her head and a red napkin over her mouth sitting in one of the seats facing towards me.

It was roughly 6 PM and she was looking out of the window while I was staring at her eyes. All I could see was her eyes. I keep looking at her and suddenly she looks back at me. I was startled. I couldn’t move and my eyes turned away from her. Now after a quick turn I look back at her and notice she is still looking back me. Now that is a surprise.

That moment when a guy looks into a girl’s eyes and suddenly she starts looking back at him!

As the bus passes the annoying Begumpet traffic the series if eye exchanges keep happening and I keep smiling inside about this. She had a gold ring in her left hand ring finger and she constantly was covering her face with the red napkin to avoid pollution and dust apparently. All I could see from my seat was firstly her eyes, her face and then the green color chudidhar she was wearing.

Time doesn’t wait for anyone and its been 45 minutes now since this was happening and now time has come for both of us to get down as its the last stage of the bus. I constantly keep looking her in a confusion whether to go talk to her or not. The bus halts at the last stop and due to the crowd I had to wait quite a while to get down. I reached the door to my astonishment that she was standing near the door waiting for me to get down. As I get down, I get to see her now and I notice her legs and boom comes the blow.

What was the blow? She was married. I was like WTF? !! What did I just do? Then comes another big blow! Her husband also gets down just behind me. Both of them were traveling in the same bus and apparently her husband was sitting behind me in the bus. Now its your turn to understand whom she was looking at. After all of these shocks I get into another bus which will take home. As I sit in the last seat at the corner I look at my face in the mobile and start laughing out loud. I couldn’t stop my laughter even after I reached home.


Hope you had fun reading this…