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Evernote asks me “What would you like to remember?”and I answered to my self, everything I can as its already a week past since I came back from Mumbai. It was mid of April when Ratish the person to whom all the credit I give to asked me to book a flight to Mumbai for AngelHack. I was in a quick shock if he said train or flight. I booked the ticket and didn’t cancel my train ticket just to make sure this was happening for real. Oh yes! That was true which I realized two days after booking the ticket.

Excitement filled in me through out that it was my first flight journey ever. I am not shy of writing this because this is how I am and I am pretty sure many resonate with these feelings. A flight is a flight irrespective of it being a domestic one or an international one. I had to withhold this excitement for over a month. With this I reached the airport an hour prior to when we decided to meet. With the luggage on the trolley I was standing outside looking at all the travelers and people who accompanied them to which adios. The first I made a habit of after getting a new phone is to check in at every place I visit.

Check in done, actual check in also done, took our boarding passes and realized they raped my name on the boarding pass. This is one of those disadvantages of having a big name with many initials. Time to board the flight. No wonder its not an easy task to get into the flight with just a ticket. As I walk in into the plane through the pathway I see the giant head of the plane which looks at me like a lion! Then comes this sumptuous feeling as I take a step into the flight and the lady in blue with her red lipstick on greets me.



It totally brings a genuine feeling that movies don’t fake it. The inside look of the plane is fucking huge. 8 seats after the premium lot, starts the economy class with 6 seats a row and the length goes on and on. Having put the luggage in the docks, I feel nostalgic about dreaming to get into a flight and now I am right here experiencing it. To add to all of this, I get a window seat. How cool is that? I badly wanted to remember their names but all I remember is their faces and their names start with an S. All of them. The excitement starts to take control over me as the flight attendant who is this fit guy fair enough brings the demo equipment. Oxygen mask, emergency exit do scare the shit out of everyone but people tend to ignore them by not looking at the demo at all.

Even before the flight started moving, I was kind of a overwhelmed with the bag which should be used in case of an emergency to vomit. I slowly pulled it out a bit just to make sure it was easy to pull off and vomit. Ratish sitting right next to me warns me that I might need it and this increases the tension even more. I am not gonna write about seat belt and stuff coz that is all common sense. As the flight starts moving back and turning towards the run way, I keep looking out of the window and the paper bag, window and paper bag and window and paper bag.

I knew this was not going to get over me for quite sometime but I couldn’t stop doing it either. The flight finally gets on to the runway and starts accelerating. There is a quick swift in speed which I can feel off and I lean back onto my chair and the front wheel of the plane goes off the ground. Be mindful that the bag and window scenes are still running. As the flights jumps into the air, I feel my ears shutdown and I cannot hear anything. All I see from the windows is flying away from the ground, the houses and reaching to something not clearly known but is the blue sky all over the place.

Thankfully nothing turned odd in my stomach and no I didn’t vomit too. I hear the pilot say 38000 feet is the height at which the plane is flying and its just smooth as a car ride. I see huge clouds pass by and understand more of my feelings through the following pictures I could t stop from clicking. Its so amazing that when you drive on a road you see so many vehicles but in the sky its just your flight and nothing else around except for the clouds.

IMG_20140530_102706019 IMG_20140530_102701018 IMG_20140530_102608159_HDR IMG_20140530_102550785_HDR IMG_20140530_102546391 IMG_20140530_102523043_HDR IMG_20140530_102243784 IMG_20140530_102054347_HDR IMG_20140530_094025413

10 minutes through the journey the attendants bring in a big trolley with food. Being a vegetarian I just loved what I got fresh and yum. As I eat I see the paper bag again and laugh to my self that this is not going to happen and chill 😉

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