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Mr. Telangana CM, Please Be Mindful

While the whole state is mourning the tragedy at Himachal Pradesh which lead to the death of 24 young college students, its always the government’s call on how they can help the families of the students.

VNR Vigyana Jyothi stands among one if the top colleges out of those random hundreds of engineering colleges around Hyderabad, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Every year most of these numerous engineering colleges plan a tour for the students while they are about to get into their final year of graduation. Now this is similar to what we all used to do in school where we had excursion. Students plan it and get their permission from the management and then decide the travels they will use and the points if visit during their travel.

This was the exact same case with these 24+ students as well. When we are going to a tour to some other state then it is fully our own responsibility to keep ourselves safe and also the management coordinators who are along with us should have an eye on each of the teams. Everyone has a family and each of us need to keep in mind the fact that someone is back there waiting for us to come back safe while we are in such travels. Coming to the tragedy, it was never known. Nothing was in the hands of anybody. Students tried to save each other, someone saved 4 if their friends and fled himself, some threw ropes to pull the others stuck but water is always dangerous when it comes with huge speed and quantity.

I strongly feel no one should play the blame game in such situations as the lives are gone already and no one can get them back. While the newly formed state of Andhra Pradesh’s CM Mr. Chandrababu Naidu promised an exgratia of Rs. 500000 to each of the families we have another CM of another newly formed state if Telangana who says colleges should notify the government before going on such tours. What???? How will the Telangana Government handle a situation where they are notified with hundreds of tour applications. Will they send along security personnel? I have no cluse against what Mr. KCR has in mind. Doesn’t he think before making such statements? Being a person born in telangana and celebrating the new state I am disappointed on such reaction by the CM. He has already sent the home minister and other IAS officials to the spot which is a very great move ins such situations but asking each college to notify is a rubbish thing. Instead of wishing and helping the families in their bad time, trying to blame the college for not informing the government is a bad way of looking at the situation altogether.

I have nothing against anyone but poor kids have lost their lives. Show some care for them. Disasters do happen and its a true fact that government cannot safeguard every individual. Its our own responsibility to be mindful of the harms we might face when we are out at an unknown place. May all the souls of the students who lost their lives rest in peace. May they fins a new world to live. Amen.

For the T CM, please teach the language for the Members of Assembly before asking everyone to notify what they are doing to the government. Sad story of the newly elected Telangana Members of Assembly.

//The video here has been removed from facebook and also google. Another sad story.