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A warm morning with high winds making loud noises, I come out of the house to get to office. I get into this bus which takes me almost close to my office with a little bump almost leaving me to fall to the ground but I sustain. Another grumpy catch of the bus which is a common thing in my daily agenda.
I sit down at the last corner seat and push the window a little so that I can get enough air to sustain the heat of the fully crowded bus. Now that its been almost an year, I see very familiar faces in the bus but no one cares to greet and so do I. An old man with a bald head who carries a small tiffin bag and a newspaper, a sleeping uncle who just sits and dozes off just after getting into the bus, a middle aged man who gets in before anyone and reserves a seat for his friend who never turns up, a married woman who puts a lot of make up and gets only into a metro bus are some of the very common faces I see everyday.

As the bus starts moving through the traffic on this 14 kilometer journey, I unlock my phone to start off with reading couple of articles, browsing through FB for any updates and I find the gem of a story I ever read on your story here/ Let Mr be very honest, we see and read so many inspiring stories yet we are what we are and we keep doing what we do. As I sit in this last corner of the bus I see almost every face standing near the seats. And all of a sudden, a beautiful face pops out through the crowd and I am dumbstruck. What a beauty!

Before I could concentrate and see more of her face, the siren of an ambulance starts to come closer to the bus as its struck in the heavy traffic at Begumpet. No space to go and I see a woman inside the maruti omni ambulance waving a cloth in front of her for air to the patient who wasn’t visible. With a little movement of traffic, the ambulance jumps off. I turn now to get back to see the beautiful face I just saw a while ago and crap! All I see is an uncle in formals and his striped shirt with a coffee mark and his back. Nothing else. He doesn’t move and I cannot see. My eyes try to search through the gaps but no. She might have got down at some stage which I didn’t notice.

But that’s just not it. Here is what I saw even before all of this happened. The beautiful face was of a beautiful lady who was having white headphones inside her ears which was curled up on its way to the left ear. She was fair to be fair with black ear rings hanging under her ears with some typical design and a small shining silver colored bindi on her forehead which was barely visible but yes visible. Her eyes was covered with kohl and she was wearing a purple colored scarf on her neck which was holding the hair under it. As her left hand tries to push her hair back under the left ear I noticed she was holding a black Samsung phone which was very familiar to me from my past story through which came the white headphones. Her left hand had a black bracelet and a white hairband. As I sit there and watch her, she didn’t turn her head a bit. She was standing still and looking out of the window.

With a little disappointment I get up to get down at my stop and walk towards the door. I then notice something very familiar, the black bracelet and the white hairband on the left hand of a lady sitting in one of the seats. Before I could see more I was pushed to get down and that’s when I realized she was still there but she was not standing anymore. I walk down towards my office with a gentle smile on my face and thinking of what I have been doing for the past one hour.

I don’t know if writing these stories is right but I love writing these and you just read another one, so like it and share it if you enjoyed reading it. Oh by the way, that lady about whom i wrote this also had a black hand bag #lol. Do comment to make me realize anything if I should. Thanks for reading. Here is one such story if you missed reading it –