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A typical Hyderabadi bus journey

I travel by bus on a daily basis. That is how I commute to any place I go, any meeting I have, for any travel for that sake in this city. Hyderabad’s busses are well known for not being on time and overloaded always. I change about 3 busses to go to my office and there are quite a few observations I keep doing everyday. Here is a nice and cute instance which happened today.

I generally don’t get into a bus which is crowded or doesn’t have an employee try seat. Waited for like 30 minutes to find such bus and got into it. Was reading a news on my mobile as the bus keeps moving ahead. On my diagonal seat is a kid sitting holding a ticket in one hand and a phone in the other. He gets a call and he replies “I am near GVK!” and cuts the call.

At the very next stage a middle aged man gets into the bus wearing a black lunch box in his shoulder with two guys in front of him. Both get a seat each and this man is left to himself to stand. His eyes turn down and the distress of not getting a seat is clearly reflecting in his face. This kid who is wearing shorts and a gray shaded T-shirt looks at this man and feels sad for him but doesn’t get up.

As the bus passes by gvk, a guy sitting in front of this kid gets up to make his way out of the bus. The middle aged man was facing the other side and in the glimpse before he could see a vacant seat, it was gone. As this man moves to get into the empty seat which was already being grabbed by someone turns around to check if someone else also got up. But no, no one got up. Now this kid has a little smile in face which he tries not to show to the man who was standing right in front of him and looks out through the window.

The bus turns towards Punjagutta and this kid waves his hand towards the man still standing and asks him to take the seat. The kid walks towards the door with the smile still on and the man grabs the seat finally with a happy smile reflecting in his eyes.

As the bus quickly passes through the traffic, this man now sitting drops into sleep holding his box on the right thigh with both his hands and I start writing this note…