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Magic Always Has Logic

Magic always has logic until and unless you stop thinking about the way its done. Enjoying the beauty of magic just by watching it gives the best experience and leaves you always awstruck! Continue reading

I Thought She Left

A warm morning with high winds making loud noises, I come out of the house to get to office. I get into this bus which takes me almost close to my office with a little bump almost leaving me to fall to the ground but I sustain. Another grumpy catch of the bus which is a common thing in my daily agenda. Continue reading

My First Flight

Evernote asks me “What would you like to remember?”and I answered to my self, everything I can as its already a week past since I came back from Mumbai. It was mid of April when Ratish the person to whom all the credit I give to asked me to book a flight to Mumbai for AngelHack. I was in a quick shock if he said train or flight. I booked the ticket and didn’t cancel my train ticket just to make sure this was happening for real. Oh yes! That was true which I realized two days after booking the ticket. Continue reading

Mr. Telangana CM, Please Be Mindful

While the whole state is mourning the tragedy at Himachal Pradesh which lead to the death of 24 young college students, its always the government’s call on how they can help the families of the students. Continue reading

She Looked Back At Me

An imaginative situation when I am traveling in one of the same old busses on my way back home, I see a girl with her chunny covered over her head and a red napkin over her mouth sitting in one of the seats facing towards me. Continue reading

Android A and B Versions where NOT Alpha and Beta. They are Apple Pie and Banana Bread!

AngelHack: Hacking My Life

AngelHack is not just any other opportunity. I am not writing this to get featured but this has been an amazing journey for me right after my graduation to meet some kick ass people here in Hyderabad itself. I was running a website which showcased events and my colleague who knew Kamrin, Community Manager at AngelHack suggested me to organize AngelHack Hyderabad. Diana, VP of Operations does a call with me to understand if I am the best fit for the position and if it is good to have me on board along with others. Excitement filled in me as I knew nothing of what AngelHack was and how it was going to happen. Honestly, I was a noob with all these things related to running a hackathon and coordinating things. Initial stages seemed simple as I got through and I also got to know that there are already two guys from Hyderabad who are working to do AngelHack here in Hyderabad. Then I get introducted to them and here is how the journey began. Continue reading

Drivers for Moto X to Appear in Eclipse

I bought a Moto X recently and I was trying a way to figure out how to make it accessible in the Eclipse IDE for debugging my apps. Took some time to find a solution but here it is for you if you are looking for something similar. Continue reading

A typical Hyderabadi bus journey

I travel by bus on a daily basis. That is how I commute to any place I go, any meeting I have, for any travel for that sake in this city. Hyderabad’s busses are well known for not being on time and overloaded always. Continue reading

A Short Stalking Story

Lots of conversations happening and time for me to get down the bus. Along with me gets down couple together. The girl wore a maroon color scarf around her face which is the recent way of safety here in Hyderabad at least. The boy who got down along with her is walking very close to her on the right side right in front of me where the girl is holding a mobile supposedly a Samsung y duos in her right hand. Continue reading

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